Multi-camera concert video production is what kick started Tim’s career in videography. Tim’s been coordinating live concert videos since he was in college and he is continuously pushing his limits. He has built a team of passionate and skilled videographers and audio engineers to provide all of the coverage required.

Sample videos available at the bottom of this page.

Multiple Camera Angles

Filming a live music event with multiple cameras provides continuous coverage and increased editing options. Through strategic camera placements and filming techniques Tim and his team captures the live energy from multiple angles which adds visual depth to the final production.

Multi-track Audio Recording

Tim recognizes the importance of capturing high quality live audio and he has the expertise to do it right. Housed in a single 6U rack case for increased portability, his system uses the Presonus Firestudio Lightpipe interface and four Presonus Digimax LT for recording up to 32 channels simultaneously.


After the concert has been captured, the final concert videos are strategically edited using Adobe Premiere Pro and the audio files are brought back into the studio for mixing. The final audio mix is synced with the video edit, resulting in a quality product.

Event Recap Videos

Event Recap videos are a great way for your target audience to relive event experiences and act as an excellent promotional tool for upcoming events.

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Example Videos