Dance Recital Videography

Utilizing my background in multi-camera video production, I now offer dance recital videography. At no direct cost to your dance studio, my team and I will film your dance recital(s) and produce high quality DVDs of the event. Although a minimum DVD pre-order quantity is required for premium coverage, I have developed multiple production packages suitable for various budgets. Contact me today to learn more!

Sample work available at the bottom of this page.

Multiple Camera Angles

Through strategic camera placements and filming techniques, each dance routine is filmed with multiple camera angles. This provides increased editing options and enhances the final viewing experience. Every camera is directed and timed to each dance routine which provides energy and dynamics that can not be achieved through a single camera angle alone.

High Quality Audio

Audio is often overlooked in the dance videography industry when in reality properly recorded audio makes a big difference. Each dance is professionally captured by recording room ambience, crowd response, and tapping routines with additional microphones. These sources are then tastefully blended with the song during the post-production stage, resulting in a high quality sounding product.

Interactive DVDs

While multi-camera dance recital videos greatly enhance the viewing experience, there are also times when it is more desirable to watch the choreography as a whole from a wide, uninterrupted camera angle. In order to meet best of both worlds, I provide multi-angle selection on dance recital DVDs, allowing the viewer to switch back and forth from the edited video to the single, unedited camera angle.

Artwork and Packaging

In todays world, presentation plays a significant role in the consumer market. My primary focus is to deliver an outstanding product, inside and out. Each DVD has professionally designed covers and artwork to match your studio branding.

Video Adjudication

With all of the features listed above, I offer the technical expertise to successfully capture a dance competition with professional audio and video recording. This valuable teaching tool allows dancers to hear feedback from multiple judges in real time while watching their dance on DVD. Through the use of multiple cameras, not one bit of the action is missed.

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